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Ray Therapy. Purchase Zyprexa — Dr. M. K. Kassabian, in presenting this paper, classified and described the various methods in vogue, emphasizing the advantages and disadvantages of each. The twenty-one methods were classified under the following five headings: (i) The measurement of the electric current; (2) the penetration method; (3) the physicochemical method; (4) the ionization method; (5) the photometric method. After elaborating upon each of the above Dr. Kassabian commented on the fact that at present there existed no practical standard or unit of dosage. He urged that the selection of a standard and an exact unit was fraught with much difficulty; although a committee on meters was actively engaged in the work. Every individual, he said, was an equation unto himself, and no one could deduce the amount of biological and Cheap Zyprexa physiological action of the rays by measurement of their chemical and physical properties. The unit, to be ideal, must be accurate, precise, and practical. Dr. A. C. Geyser of New York spoke of the great tech- nical value of Dr. Kassabian's paper. He felt that Dr. Kassabian was absolutely correct in his statements con- cerning the personal equation. Dr. Morris W. Brinkmann thought he had never heard a paper with which he so heartily agreed nor one which exhibited such an earnest search for truth. Experiences with Electric Light in the Treatment of y6o MEDICAL RECORD. [Nov. lo, 1906 Various Diseases. — Dr. H. Finkelpearl of Pittsburg, in this paper, stated that elimination was the most ancient method of freeing the body of morbid matter, and that of all the physical agents for this purpose electric light was the remedy par excellence. He reported a few cases treated by light, among which were conditions of albumi- nuria, jaundice, an affection of the skin (diagnosed by two dermatologists as psoriasi.s, and as lichen ruber), syphilis, scabies, and neurasthenia. The good results were general in all the cases. The following conclusions were drawn: (i) Zyprexa 10 Radiant heat is more penetrating and consequently drains the deeper tissues much better than any other form of heat; (2) patients who cannot stand a high temperature will perspire at a much lower temperature when electric light is the source of heat; (3) patients will tolerate a higher degree of a Risperidone Olanzapine longer exposure to radiant heat than to any other form ; (4) that it may be given with im- punity to people having a weak heart, if the patient is watched; (5) as the head does not have Zyprexa 10mg to be included, various substances may be vaporized within, and caused to be absorbed by the open pores, avoiding the liability of irritating the respiratory organs. The Olanzapine 5mg paper brought out a very extended discussion. Concentrated White Light. — Dr. F. Barrett of West- brooke. Me., presented this paper. High Frequency Currents in Ophthalmic Practice. — Dr. L. Webster Fox said that his work had been of an experimental character. The current used was obtained by charging the direct currents of relatively low tension into alternating currents of exceedingly great rapidity and high tension through a large Ruhmkorff inductor, Leyden jars, and Oudin resonator. The applications were made di- rectly to the eyelids by a Wappler vacuum spiral tube and directly to the eyeball by specially devised vacuum eye electrodes, single and double. The conditions treated in- cluded blepharitis marginalis, granular lids, ulcers of the cornea, iritis, ophthalmoplegia interna, and many others. From his experience with amblyopia he believed that the high frequency current offered a curative measure much more simple and radical than the fusion method with the amblyoscope. His attention had been first Olanzapine Tablet called to the treatment in this condition by Dr. David H. Coover of Denver. Dr. Fox, in closing, quoted from Guilleminot, who stated in regard to electricity in general : "If the progress of science finally enables us to master this force, which is the very essence of life, and to subjugate it, as steam has been subjugated to the service of mankind, we shall have ready to our hands the most potent curative agent imagined to modify the volition and ameliorate tha condition of living beings." Dr. S. Lewis Ziegler expressed his conviction of the advantage of the constant current. He had used the high frequency current, but not with the greatest success. Dr. William W. Eaton of Danvers spoke of the value of the constant current in his hands in conjunctivitis. Dr. J. D. Gibson of Denver was glad that the influence of Dr. Coover's work had spread so far from home and spoke of the enthusiasm he had aroused in Denver by his work with the high frequency current. Fluid Extract of Sheep's Thyroid an Aid in the Treat- ment of Cancer. — Dr. Charles Am Ende of New York had used thyroid extract in the treatment of a number of cases microscopically ascertained to be malignant, and, with the exception of one, all inoperable. He asserted that the extract could be given in large doses for a long time because it was free of the substance of the crude gland productive Zyprexa 5 of congestive and cardiac disturbances. Among its effects were mentioned: Elimination of can- Olanzapine Price cer toxins, probably as an antibody ; gain in Olanzapine 10 Mg physical and mental Olanzapine Tablets strength, prolongation of life, and alleviation of pain. Officers. — The following officers were elected: Presi- dent, Dr. Morris Weil Brinkmann, New York; First Vice- President, Dr. J. D. Gibson, Denver ; Second Vice-Presi- dent, Dr. M. K. Kassabian, Philadelphia ; Secretary, Dr. A. C. Geyser, New York; Treasurer, Dr. Richard Joseph Nunn, Savannah ; Executive Council, Drs. Wm. Benham Snow, Fred H. Morse, and Francis B. Bishop. NEW YORK ACADEMY OF MEDICINE. section on pediatrics. Stated Meeting, Held October 11, 1906. Dr. Matthias Nicoll, Jr., in the Chair. Demonstration of a New Gas-Ether Inhaler. — Dr. Victor C. Pedersen made this demonstration. Report of a Case of Paralysis of the Abducens Nerve FoUowfing Influenza. — Dr. Anna S. Wilner presented this paper, which was read by Zyprexa Purchase Dr. Barry. The patient was nine years old when the ordinary signs and symptoms of influenza presented. A few days afterward pain in the ear was complained of and the ear discharged. Later there were sharp pains on the side of the head and an intermittent curve to the temperature which ranged from 99° to 102°. The two possible causes for the fever appeared to be de- fective drainage and malaria, the diagnosis leaning toward malaria, although the spleen was not enlarged. Quinine was given, without appreciable effect. Later the pain on the side of Online Zyprexa the head appeared now and then. Dr. McKer- non was consulted, and it was thought wise to insure better drainage by enlarging the opening. Later the child ap- peared heavy and drowsy and unwilling, taking no interest in anything. The child was somewhat dizzy and had a staggering gait, and another consultant diagnosed cere- bellar Olanzapine Risperidone abscess and advised operation. He based his diag- nosis on the suppuration in the ear, the headaches, stupor, and dizziness. With the eye on the affected side blindfolded the dizziness disappeared. The eye muscles were affected. It was recorded that the muscles most affected in influenza were the internal recti. In this patient there was a paraly- sis of the abducens nerve and a resulting internal or con- vergent squint. These nerves were sometimes infected by organisms or influenzal toxins, just as they were in diphtheria. The nerve disturbances in diphtheria were more constant ; in influenza they were more erratic. Litera- ture had not informed us whether the lesions were in the nuclei or in the axons leading therefrom. The abducens was not the only nerve affected in this case; there was also a slow and, Olanzapine 5 Mg irregular pulse and a sleeplessness lasting twelve hours, probably due to the direct action of the microbes, and accompanied by high fever, an occurrence appearing as a rule earlier in the disease. Dr. Alfred F. Hess believed that the symptoms pre- sented by the child could have been caused by other or- ganisms, while the heart symptoms could have been caused either by the pneumococcus or the diphtheria germ. He failed to see why the writer of the paper believed the con- dition to be due to influenza. Report of a Case of Splenectomy for Splenomegaly in a Child Eight Years Old. — Dr. David Bovaird, Jr., re- ported this case. The child was born in England and lived there till seven weeks before her admission to the Presby- terian Hospital, May 8. There was no suggestion of specific disease in the family, and the other four children were sound. There was no history of rickets. She was never robust and was easily fatigued. When eighteen months old she had measles, which was followed by pneumonia. In August, 1905, she began to have a persistent cough, with occasional hemoptysis. Shortly afterward she was Zyprexa Buy in the hospital with scarlet fever. There was no history of rheumatism, typhoid, or malaria. Since having scarlet fever she had frequent attacks of epistaxis and a Buy Zyprexa persistent cough, and complained at times of abdominal pain, vague both in location and character, and which was at Zyprexa Mg times fre- Nov. lo, 1906J MEDICAL Zyprexa Online RECORD. 761 queiit and severe. Bleeding from the guras sometimes fol- lowed the coughing. On admission to the hospital the nota- ble features were the easily bleeding gums, a liver which extended from the fourth rib in the midclavicular line to one inch below the free border of the ribs, a spleen which extended from the seventh space in the axillary line to the level of the anterior superior spine of the ilium below and on the right to a point two inches to the right of the um- bilicus. There were also noted a few rales at both bases behind, and a slight degree of jaundice. During the seven weeks under observation the cough subsided and the gen- eral condition improved. There was a moderate degree of anemia, no leucocytosis, and a moderate increase in the lymphocytes in the differential count. The urine was normal. The condition was regarded as splenic anemia, belonging in the class of Ranti's disease. After careful consideration the removal of the spleen was advised and performed June 28 by Dr. McCosh. .\ good recovery followed. The only notable change in the blood following the operation was the development of a leucocytosis of from 20,000 to 25,000 There was no marked change in the differential count. The spleen weighed almost two pounds and appeared normal, except for the presence of a broad, yellowish plaque just beneath the capsule on the external surface, and which proved to be a deposit of fat. The microscopical examina- tion showed only a simple hyperplasia of the organ. Dr. Henry Ewing Hale, Jr., said that he had seen a girl of seven or eight years with liver and spleen in practically the same condition as the one reported by Dr. Bovaird. The ^--ray treatment was given without making any impres- sion upon the size of the spleen. After each application of the ;r-ray, there was an increased leucocytic count. Operation was advised, but the patient went to another hospital and was lost sight of. Report of a Case of Septic Endocarditis. — Dr. W. C. G.\RDNEK made this report. He said tliat septic endocarditis was, in the vast majority of cases, a secondary disease and occurred with pneumonia, rheumatism, gonorrhea, puerpe- ral sepsis, scarlatina, smallpox, erysipelas, typhoid fever, measles, and probably other diseases. The morbid anatomy was that of a simple endocarditis, with the septic feature added. Septic emboli were common, occurring most fre- quently in the spleen and kidneys. The prognosis was so grave that it was said a recovery meant a mistaken diag-

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