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fact of the greatest benefit being observed in the advanced cases was in Zofran Buy marked contrast to the claims for other agents in the treatment of tuberculosis. Rhythm the Dominant Factor in Therapeutics and in the Organic World. — Dr. Samuel S. Wallian of New York City in this paper said that the word "rhythmo- therapy" was legitimately derived and comprehensively descriptive of a number of modem therapeutic expedients and of broad underlying principles Zofran 4 which had hitherto been imperfectly and often inconsistently designated by other titles. Rhythm, he said, was the underlying law of the universe and life itself an incessant succession of rhythmic reiteration, while health was the uninterrupted play of the organ without jar or undue friction. Were rhythm, the underlying principle dominating every mani- festation of Nature, eliminated, the entire curriculum of science would have to be reconstructed. Vibration was defined as the voice of Nature, without which she would be a helpless mass of immaterial matter, with no at- tributes of either cohesion or persistency. Physiology was said to be functional harmony; pathology, functional dis- cord. Essentially then, in the attempt to change patho- logical into physiological action, there was the effort to es- tablish lost rhythm in an arhythmic organism. That over- enthusiasts had failed with the .v-ray, with high fre- quency currents, with static modalities, and with mechan- ical vibratory manipulations, was not to be accepted as com- petent evidence against the intelligent employment of any of the«e rational measures. The enterprising practitioner, it was suggested, would study the nature, scope, and possi- bilities of such potent resources of an art which was yet in the swaddling-clothes stage of its ultimate growth. The Measurement of the Intensity of the Roentgen Ray, an Element of Safety in Radiography and Uni- formity in Therapeutics. — Dr. Sinclair Tousey of New Vork City said that the quality of the ;r-ray could be de- termined by measuring the penetrating quality of Zofran Cost the ray by the Walter skiameter, depending upon the thickness of the platinum which its ray would penetrate. In .he author's radiometer i to ID thicknesses of tinfoil weighing one ounce to 100 square inches were used. Both of these were said to be dependent not only upon the quality, but also upon the intensity of the ray and the acuteness of vision of the observer. Other qualitative measure- Odt Zofran ments were described. The author's method of quantita- tive measurement measured the intensity of the radiance by finding at what distance one could stand holding a fluoroscope to his eyes and see any trace of fluorescence when the current was turned on. If the radiance would carry six yards, the intensity was said to be six Tousey. If one could stand at a distance of twelve yards, the intensity was called twelve Tousey, and in that case the duration of application should be only one-quarter as long. An in- tensity of six Tousey with a penetration of three to eight Benoit would permit an extreme duration of application (at one time or in a series Zofran 8 Mg occupying a month) would be thirty-four minutes at a distance of six inches. The time might be increased if the intensity were less or if the dis- tance from the tube to the patient were increased. Dr. William T. Bishop thought Dr. Tousey had brought the matter of measurement Cost Zofran to an approximately practical demonstration. Dr. Tousey in closing called attention to the necessity of keeping the screen covered with a sheet of glass over the fluorescent screen. Electricity as a Factor in the Treatment of Certain Chronic Diseases of the Stomach. — Dr. Otto Juettner of Cincinnati in this paper claimed that the practice of physiotherapeutic methods in the treatment of chronic ail- ments had established the superlative importance of the ali- mentary canal, more especially the stomach, in connection with the etiology and treatment. He believed the stom- ach occupied a much more commanding causative po- sition than the text-books would indicate. He called at- tention to the anatomical position of the stomach and its share in the metabolic machinery as causative factors in disorders. Passing over the therapeutic indications, he limited himself to a consideration of certain electrical modalities in the management of these cases. A primary induced current of moderate intensity he regarded as use- ful as a muscular tonic to the relaxed and weakened walls of the stomach. With the intelligent Zofran 8mg cooperation of the patient direct application might be made to the gastric mucosa. The technique of this application was described. In many bad cases of gastric dilatation the results had been surprisingly good. It was understood that the hydro- electric applications were not to be used in cases of can- cer, ulcer, or acute inflammatory conditions of the stom- ach. The static modalities appeared to be of little service in the local treatment of the disorders, unless there were used currents of relatively high frequency, in the form of either Zofran Mg the static-induced or the static-wave current The author emphasized the fact that in the treatment of stom- ach disorders it must be remembered that electricity alone was insufficient, even in the local management of the af- fected organ, and that the general treatment of the patient was of the utmost importance. Electricity should be com- bined with epigastric massage. The importance of diet Ondansetron Zofran was considered, especially with reference to the weight and bulk of the food. He believed degenerative changes in the nervous system to be the result of primary etiological conditions that were artificial products inasmuch as they could be removed in their early stages by strict attention to the functions of the organs of nutrition. He could not believe that nature ever intended the existence of so-called idiopathic paralyses. In the treatment of the secondary effects of gastric affections the author had found the gen- I Nov. Iv Zofran lo, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 759 eral application of high frequency currents to have a most salutary effect on metabolism and indirectly on the as- similative power of the stomach. He gave these applica- tions once daily for ten or fifteen minutes. As an elimina- tive agent the incandescent electric light bath was given two or three times a week. The importance of attention to the bowel function was also emphasized. Methods of Procedure in the Use of High Frequency Currents. — Dr. Frederic DeKr.\ft of New York Zofran 4 Mg City said that the modern static machine seemed to be partic- ularly well adapted as a means of charging the Leyden jars of a resonator on account of its extremely high po- tential discharge. The currents of high frequency and high potential which could be obtained from such machine and resonator were enumerated as the D'Arsonval, Tesla, and Oudin currents. The three methods by which the D'Arsonval current could be utilized were given and the technique explained. The Zofran Ondansetron class of cases yielding the best results in the author's hands with the D'Arsonval current had been conditions due to faulty metabolism, improper living, excesses in food and drink, 8 Mg Zofran and insufficient exer- cise. In five cases of obesity a reduction of from eight to twenty-five pounds had been accomplished within two months. Cases of gonorrheal rheumatism were much benefited. Cases of pulmonary affections responded well. The Tesla current had not been largely used by the writer because of its lack of adaptability for the bipolar methods. The Oudin current was said to be possessed of penetrat- ing properties to a high degree. The manner in which this could be demonstrated was described. The several methods in which the Oudin current could be used were given in detail. It was suggested that much of the thera- peutic value of high frequency currents was due to the actinic property of its spark and spray discharge and to its power to produce chemical changes in the tissues, as evi- denced by the very great increase of the solid constituents of the urine, by the increase of the excretion of CO2, as well as the positive increase in heat production and in- creased activity of the sweat glands. The remedial effects Cost Of Zofran of the high frequency currents were considered to be due, in infectious diseases, largely to their power to check the formation of toxins, improve nutrition, and (when used in not too great amperage) to strengthen the natural de- fences of the body. Dr. Edward C. Titus of New York City thought the close attention to detail shown in the paper of Dr. DeKraft was worthy of great commendation and his treatment of the joint cases was regarded in the light of a revelation. Dr. Barshinxer had proved conclusively to his own mind, by experimentation, that the current of the high frequency modality did Zofran Odt penetrate the tissues. Dr. Titus called attention to the fact that it was not the high frequency currents, as commonly accepted, that produced the penetrating quality of the current, but cur-, rents Zofran Iv of low frequency and high potential. Dr. Donaldson personally thanked the author for en- lightening him upon the matter of technique. In the use of the Tesla coil he had seen special benefit in cases of mild pleuritic adhesions with slight temperature and some cough. Dr. DeKraft in closing stated that the question of pene- tration was largely one of method. The methods wer* explained whereby the effect was largely surface, and in Zofran 4mg which the current passed to the vital spot. A Clinical Demonstration of Radiotherapeutic Re- sults in Cancer. — Dr. William S. Newcomet exhibited several cases. One case of particular interest was a patient with large round-cell sarcoma of the neck. Two years previous the first operation had been done, when the growth promptly returned. The .r-ray was used with benefit, but a second operation was necessary. In spite of the jT-ray the growth recurred and grew until the methods of deep treatment were instituted. The patient has been receiving an average of one hour ;r-ray treatment almost very day and the tumor had been decreasing. Dr. Newcomet described his devised method of treating four patients at one time. Electrochemical Sterilization as Applied to Malignant Diseases of the Orbital and Nasal Regions. — Dr. G. Oram Ring of Philadelphia directed attention to the value of electrochemical sterilization as one of the very valuable adjuncts in the treatment and inhibition of cer- tain types of malignant disease of the nasal and orbital re- gions. He believed that the bloodless devitalization of a malignant neoplasm, with the possibility of carrying the sterilization with precision beyond the growth into a re- gion where some latent cells might be present and finally into healthy tissue, was of immense importance. In the treatment of orbital sarcoma, he reminded his hearers that if the modern viewpoint were correct, that every pri- mary malignant growth was at first purely local and fur- ther that recurrence was highly probable, then with proper dosage and exact technique a method that made possible the destruction without subsequent stimulation was en- titled to an important place in methods of treatment. A case was cited indicating the possibilities for good in elec- trochemical sterilization of malignant nasal disease after failure of .r-ray therapy. After prolonged ;r-ray treat- ment without benefit, cataphoric sterilization under ether was performed. Five minor treatments removed all trace of the disease. Cataphoric Treatment of Cancer of the Face. — Dr. Samuel McClary, 3d, of Philadelphia, in presenting this paper, stated that when there was no lymphatic involve- ment cancer of the face was probably best treated by cata- phoresis, because (i) only diseased tissue and a small amount of healthy tissue was destroyed ; (2) the resulting scar was less conspicuous than by any other method, ex- cept possibly ;ir-ray treatment; (3) the danger of implanta- tion was eliminated. The technique of the operation was fully described with the after-treatment. In some cases in which the current was not well borne, the bipolar method was useful, in that it did not embarrass the heart or respiration. In connection with his paper Dr. McClary exhibited several patients showing the effects of the cata- phoric treatment. An informal symposium on .r-ray burns was held, par- ticipated in by Drs. Price Of Zofran Sinclair Tousey, A. C. Geyser, Brock- bank, Brinkmann. M. K. Kassabian, and others. A Zofran Price Resume of the Radiometric Dosage of the Roentgen

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