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one encouraging feature in the development of electrother- apy was said to be the fact that a fuller knowledge of physical methods led to a greater exercise of rational judgment in testing them. A good working knowledge of physics and a skilled technique were essentials men- tioned in the application of electricity. The first broad general principle to be considered in the therapeutics of electricity was its influence over nutrition, and these nutri- tive effects, which were secondary, were regarded as far more valuable than the primary effects, whether they were stimulating or sedative. Price Of Zetia It was to be remembered that electricity might act as a stimulant or as an ugly irritant; or, in many an hyperesthetic condition of the nervous system, as a prompt and unequaled sedative. The neces- sity of familiarity with Ohm's law was also emphasized. Reverting to the fundamental idea of the nutritional ef- fects of electricity, Dr. Rockwell emphasized the fact that its Zetia Coupon greatest value Zetia Discount lay in its general application rather than Zetia Cost in the local, thereby affecting either directly or reflexly the whole central and peripheral nervous system, includ- Buy Zetia ing the Zetia Coupons entire muscular and circulatory system under their control. While fully recognizing the value of the newer modalities he accorded to general faradization an indi- vidual merit equal to any other of the general methods. An Cholesterol Zetia additional argument for its study and general use was its slight expense. The question of dosage was considered of special importance in its relation to the galvanic cur- rent, because of its chemical or electrolytic power and its profound influence upon the central nervous system, and because it was the only manifestation of electricity that was physiologically exact and whose slightest variation could Zetia Cheap be measured with absolute accuracy. In the use of the galvanic current for deep-seated neuritis, for the pain due to parenchymatous degeneration and internal cancer, and especially for e.xophthalmic goiter, massive doses were said to be necessary. To overcome the objections found in the use of sculptor's clay as an elec- Nov. 10, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 757 durance, but without injury to the skin. To overcome the objections found in the use of sculptor's clay as an elec- trode Dr. Rockwell had devised an electrode consisting of rimmed discs of hard rubber of any diameter desired, the bottom being covered with block tin, practically un- oxidizable. Filled to the brim with the clay properly pre- pared it was ready for use. Locomotor Ataxia. — Dr. Francis B. Bishop of Wash- ington, D. C, described his technique in treating this dis- ease. In the early second stage he had Cost Of Zetia been able to give patients marked relief. In addition to treatment Zetia Online received at his office, they were instructed to carry out a series of exercises at home laid down by Frankel. Dr. F. 11. Morse of Boston had seen cases of well- marked locomotor ataxia greatly improved by the use of the negative continuous current to the spine and by the general methods of improvement of nutrition. Dr. J. D. Gibson of Denver thought the diagnosis of locomotor ataxia ought to be made before there was dis- turbance of locomotion. He cited a case seen by himself some time before which had been diagnosed by many physicians to be one of neurasthenia. Dr. Gibson had concurred in the diagnosis, but stated to the patient his fear that he would have locomotor ataxia. The subsequent his- tory, although the patient passed from under Dr. Gibson's care, pointed to a confirmation of this diagnosis. The paper was further discussed by Dr. H. F. Pitcher of Haverhill, and the discussion was closed by Dr. Bishop. The Uses of Static Electricity in the Treatment of Gastric Disorders. — Dr. George D. Bund of Hillsboro, Texas, said that he had been able to get satisfactory re- sults in the treatment of dyspeptic conditions from the use of a current which might be called a Leyden jar Morton wave current. The connections were the same as in the Morton wave, except that the wire connecting the patient with the machine was attached to the outside of a large Leyden jar, the patient being seated upon the insulated platform. The general electrification, though not so Zetia Prices evi- dent as in the current taken from the prime conductor, had an increase of volume and potential. There was contrac- tion and relaxation of the stomach with each charge and discharge and in both its entrance and exit life and en- ergy seemed to be given to this organ. In the past three years Dr. Bond had treated thirty-five cases of stomach disorder by static electricity with gratifying results. Sev- eral cases were cited. Dr. Fred H. Discount Zetia Morse thought the general practitioner was confronted with no disease conditions so frequently as those conditions complicated with dilatation of the stom- ach. He believed that in some of the various modalities of electricity there was a means of successfully treating many of the cases of chronic gastritis whether or not Zetia Price they were connected with dilatation. Dr. Sinclair Tousev of New York City described his treatment of gastrointestinal disease. Dr. Henry Finkelpearl of Pittsburg had used both the high frequency and the Morton wave currents and obtained better results from the Morton wave current than from the glass vacuum electrode. Dr. J. H. MuDGETT of Philadelphia called attention to the fact that the Morton wave current had not only a massage effect, but had an effect upon the organs which secreted the necessary juices for digestion. Electricity in Joint Affections. — Dr. Henry W. Frau- ENTHAL of Zetia 10 Mg New York City restricted the scope of his paper to the use of the electrical armament in the diag- nosis and therapy of affections in and about the joints. His own clinical experience was presented, with the work of other observers. In his results the jr-ray had been of the greatest value in the determination of fractures ex- tending into the joint, in subluxations, in malformations, in the presence of hypertrophic and atrophic bones at the point of articulation, in the various joint inflammations, and in conditions of the synovial sac and tendons of the joints. It was directed that an 4r-ray photograph of a joint should always be taken in two directions, the one at right angles to the other, and the distance of the tube speci- fied. In tuberculous arthritis it was claimed that by the x-Tzy the points of tuberculous disintegration necrosis could be detected and the advisability of operative inter- ference determined. A citation was given from the paper of Dr. John B. Murphy (Journal of Advanced Thera- peutics, igos), showing a great forward stride in the use of the x-ray in the treatment of tuberculous joints. In three cases of tuberculosis of the spine Dr. Murphy had had the most gratifying results, and the paraplegia often accompanying the condition had Buy Zetia Online been manifestly im- proved. In the past five years Dr. Frauenthal had divided his cases of tuberculous arthritis of the spine, hip, knee, etc., into two divisions, each of equal severity, with the patients of the same relative natural resistance. In those treated by the .r-ray, high frequency, and constant currents the time of treatment was reduced one-half, and pain was relieved almost immediately, while Nature's functions were stimulated into more rapid resolution. To these measures he had added in the past year the therapeutic measures of sunlight, diet, passive congestion (Biers), bodily exercise, mechanical protection of the joint, and psychical suggestion. In the consideration of gout and rheumatism Dr. Frauenthal described the special technique of the electrical treatment of the condi- tions. The increase of urea and of uric and phosphoric acids found in the urine after a few days' ap- plication of the high frequency currents was found to be very marked. The author did not advocate the use of electricity to the exclusion of medical means, but believed it to be a valuable additional therapeutic measure. For the prompt relief of pain he considered it to have no rival. The Treatment of Lumbago and Other Painful Con- ditions of the Muscles of the Back, — Dr. Thomas W. Brockbank of Philadelphia rep;arded this condition more in the light of a local manifestation of a general systemic toxemia than as a special and distinct disease with a pa- thology peculiar to itself. The chronic and acute types were described with the mode of onset. In treatment the spi- nous processes were carefully observed as to perfect align- ment. In the treatment of lumbago the physicotherapist was said to have modalities ranging from the hot domestic sad-iron to the static spark or the high power incandescent lamp. For the relief of pain the vibrator with ball attach- ment was used with at first light pressure and short strokes, followed by deeper pressure and longer strokes as tolerance was acquired. \ few long indirect sparks were then given on the static platform. With nervous pa- tients the Morton wave current was used, with a long electrode applied to the back. The importance of elimina- tion through the What Is Zetia bowels, kidneys, and skin was empha- sized, and a few cases were reported in which the methods outlined had given satisfactory results. The Present Status of Electrotherapy.— Dr. H. H. Roberts of Lexington, Ky., said that with all the ad- vancements of theories, methods, and systems nothing had been received with more confidence and interest than electricity as Zetia Discount Card a therapeutic agent. .Mthough it had passed through periods of prominence and of depression, there had come enlightenment and confidence in electrotherapy. Because of the lack of uniformity in the manufacture of the various electrical apparatus comparisons in the work of operators was said to be difficult. The fear was ex- pressed that the impetus given electrotherapy had caused the occupation of the electrical field by men totally igno- rant of the science. Therapeutic results rather than psycho- logical effects were desired by the honest and conservative 758 MEDICAL RECORD. [Nov. lo, 1906 workers, and such workers should have a broad and com- prehensive knowledge of electrophysics and electrophysiol- ogy. Since electrotherapy was a distinct science, the man who administered it should be as familiar with its effects and results as the man who administered medicine. The most essential requirement in the administration of elec- tricity was said to be an adequate knowledge of physical diagnosis. Appreciation was expressed of the increasing realization in colleges of the importance of thorough train- ing in electrotherapeutics. Tuberculosis Antitoxin. — Dr. J. D. Gibson of Denver, in the treatment of tuberculosis, claimed that in suitable cases there was produced by the ^r-ray an autospecific or tuberculin toxemia arousing a reaction in the host of the liberated toxins which might be of great benefit to the patient. The cases best adapted to the jr-ray were said to be those in which the germs were in sufficient quantity in the pleura, lungs, glands, or Zetia Hair Loss elsewhere to cause by their destruction the toxin desired. The value as adjuncts to the .tr-ray of rest, diet, sunshine, fresh air, change of cli- mate, and medical agents was appreciated by Cheap Zetia the author. He pointed out the danger of e.xercise in high altitudes, which many thought was necessary in obtaining fresh air. Skiagraphic prints illustrative of the points claimed in the paper were shown. A number of cases were reported, in nearly all of which climatic and medicinal treatment was unsuccessful until combined with the .r-ray. Dr. Martin L. Barshinger of York, Pa., spoke of his highly satisfactory results with the high frequency current in pulmonary tuberculosis and exhibited two patients. The good results were attributed to improved metabolism and pulmonary circulation. Dr. Frederic DeKraft of New York had controlled the temperature in advanced tuberculosis by the x-ray, using a tube with considerable penetration at some dis- tance from the body. Dr. Gibson in closing emphasized the want of neces- sity for the ;ir-ray in incipient cases of tuberculosis. The

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