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the various Zantac Mg aliments, and despite unnecessary wordiness and tedious discussion there is much of practical interest to be found in this part of the work. Part HI treats of the regimens applicable to varying con- ditions of health, age, and disease. The chapters compris- ing this part of the book will be found of least value to the .American dietitian, since the regimens indicated in most diseases are made up largely with respect to "dietetic tastes" very foreign to those inculcated by American edu- cation. The work as a whole, while tedious and Where To Buy Zantac somewhat boresome to read, and while failing to bring the subject up to date, nevertheless possesses merit, and must have a cer- tain value for the dietitian of whatever country. Insofar the translator deserves credit for making it accessible to English readers. Lectires on Midwifery for Midwives. By A. B. Calder, M.B., M.R.C.S., Lecturer on Midwifery to London County Council, to St. Mary's Midwifery Training School, etc. New York : William Wood and Company, 1906. The author has collected in this book his lectures on ob- stetrics to classes of midwives, and the subject is therefore rehevcd from all details not pertinent to the aim expressed in the title. There is no class of women to whom the book could be Zantac 150mg Purchase Zantac directly addressed in this country, where no sys- tematic control is exercised over midwives, but its con- tents are nevertheless instructive Zantac Online and valuable to American nurses who may be called upon to do obstetric work. The text is clear and easily read, but the illustrations leave something to be desired. The chapters on asepsis and sanitation are particularly good, and might be read with profit even by many a general practitioner. Feuchtfrohliches und Feuchtunfroiiliches. By Karl Beck. Berlin: Leonhard Simion Nachfolger, 1906. Aside from his numerous technical contributions to medi- cal literature. Dr. Beck has favored us with several enter- taining publications which might appropriately be included among the belles lettres of medicine. The present work Online Zantac contains four descriptive articles on Heidelberg and its student life, and on Reichenhall and Carlsbad, the well- known European spas. Humor and pathos are intermingled in a way which compel the reader to continue to the end when once he has begun the book. These two qualities have prompted the title of the book, for which, however, no exact English equivalent can be given. It is a matter of regret that Dr. Beck's literary ability does not also find vent in a language that would assure a still wider audience among his American confreres. The Prophylaxis and Treatment of Internal Diseases. Designed for the Use of Practitioners and of Advanced Students of Medicine. By F. Forchheimer, M.D., Pro- fessor of Theory and Practice Zantac Coupon of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, Medical College of Ohio, Department of Medi- cine of the University of Cincinnati ; Physician to the Good Samaritan Hospital ; Member of the Association of American Physicians, the American Pediatric Society, etc. New York and London : D. Appleton and Com- pany, 1906. There is a flavor of originality about this book that is most refreshing. The author tells what he himself has learned from experience, and what he himself does in his practice, taking his readers, as it were, to the bedside, and pointing out the indications for treatment, and how they can best be met. This does not mean, however, that nothing is said of other methods of treatment than the one spe- cially favored by the writer, for Dr. Forchheimer shows himself possessed of a catholic mind which is willing to admit that the experience of others may count for some- thing, and he accordingly mentions the modes of treatment, and the remedies which other practitioners have found useful, and leaves his readers free to choose them if they see fit. The book is not a treatise on the practice of medi- cine, but is, as its title indicates, devoted solely to prophy- laxis and treatment. The reader is presumed to have made the diagnosis and to be acquainted with the pathology, and also with the etiology, though the latter is referred to so far as is necessary to explain the rationale of the prophy- lactic measures advocated. The work is well written in an easy style, concise, yet not unduly condensed, and thor- 'oughly practical in every line. While thus expressing our admiration for this book, and recommending it as a work of reference which should be on the shelf of every progressive physician, wc cannot agree with all its teachings. This is merely saying that no man's work is perfect or above criticism. It is unwise, we think, to teach that a syphilitic is no longer a danger to his family in the tertiary period of the disease, for not a few syphiiographers have expressed the opinion that tertiary lesions are sometimes communicable, and if the spirochete exists in these lesions, as some claim, the contagiousness of the disease in this stage must be acknowledged. Again, in the prophylaxis of dengite nothing is said of the agency of mosquitos in the transmission of the disease ; yet writers on tropical medicine are coming to look upon this vicious insect as the possible, if not the probable, host of the extra- human form of the assumed protozoan cause. This is as yet problematical, but it is sufficiently plausible to call for mention in connection with the prophylaxis of this painful affection. A more serious omission is that in the section on the treatment of headache. The author deals with nerv- ous headache, gastrointestinal headache, headaches due to circulatory disturbances, headaches in school children, head- aches in adolescents, rheumatic headaches, and headaches for which no cause is discovered — and in all of them not a word about eyestrain ! Whatever views may be held as to the teachings of extremists regarding the influence of eyestrain in the production of various reflexes Zantac 150 Mg — nervous, gastrointestinal, and even scoliotic Zantac Buy — it is as certain that un- corrected ocular defects may cause headache as that vaccina- tion will protect from smallpox, and it is most regrettable that the author of this work should ignore such a simple and Zantac 300 Mg absolute cure of many headaches, especially those afflicting school children and adolescents, as the correction of astigmatism and other visual defects by Buy Zantac glasses. Fortu- nately, this defect in an otherwise admirable book will not have any serious consequences, since the laity, as well as the profession, is so aware of this factor in the causation of chronic headache that the first person consulted in such cases is usually the oculist. With this exception, 300 Mg Zantac the few other deficiencies which we have detected in a very careful examination of the book are of minor importance, and count but little in comparison with the sane and sound admonitions in every Purchase Zantac Online page of this admirable therapeutic treatise. To the recent graduate, especially, we commend the book as a safe guide in the treatment of Order Zantac disease. 7S^ MEDICAL RECORD. [Nov. lo, 1906 ^ortPtg Srjiorta. . AMERICAN ELECTROTHERAPEUTIC ASSOCIA- TION. Sixteenth Annual Meeting, Held at Philadelphia, Septem- ber 18, 19 and 20, 1906. Dr. William Benh..\m Snow of New York, President, IN THE Chair. Prayer was offered by Rev. Deand for restora- tion of circulation and activity where stasis existed, for it was the inertia in the tissues thus established that ren- dered conditions chronic. For its removal mechanical measures were imperative. Static electricity, Cheap Zantac radiant heat and light, and the judicious employment of mechanical vibration met in various ways conditions of simple indura- tion. For the relief of infected inflammatory processes, the removal of stasis was dangerous, except during the first days, when the total of infection was not so great that the leucocytes could not destroy it. The general prin- ciples involved in the treatment of infectious processes were drainage, increased leucocytosis, by increasing local vascularity, and the employment of dry hot air, radiant light and heat, the x-vzy and the high frequency currents which destroy the germs in situ. The physical agents were invaluable in inducing the restoration of local and general metabolism, in removing contractures, regu- lating the vascular conditions, and reestablishing functional activities, thereby promoting necessary tissue building and elimination. The time had come and the rights of hu- manity demanded at the hands of the great profession to whose care their lives were intrusted, to eliminate useless measures, and to adopt and judiciously employ or prescribe only the best as indicated. When Is Electrotherapy Indicated? — Dr. A. C. Gey- ser of New York City endeavored to answer this ques- tion. Ignoring all fine technicalities, he explained what was meant by the term electrotherapy. From certain groups of ailments a few were selected and the rationale explained. It was not to be inferred that electrotherapy was "good for what ails one," or that it should be used to the exclusion of any other therapeutic measure. He emphasized the fact that of necessity the successful phy- sician must first remove the cause ; secondly, treat the patient and not the disease ; and thirdly, before selecting any therapeutic measure, think and use common sense. Dr. Francis B. Bishop of Washington, D. C, did not agree with Dr. Geyser that the wave current was a tonic, but that it was a stimulant. The question was raised whetlier or not cases of chorea required stimulation, since chorea was not always due to congestion of the cord, but to nutritive changes in the cord. In the treatment of nervous cases it should be remembered that they did not all respond to electrical treatment in the same way, and the current should therefore Zantac 150 be suited to the condition of the patient. Neurasthenia, for example, the result of some infectious disease, would require different treatment than when produced by other conditions. Dr. G. Betton Massey, in answer to the reference to cataphoresis in connection with the ;r-ray, asserted that the zinc mercury cataphoresis would cure a case of very extended tuberculous infiltration of the glands of the neck. A Plea for Conservatism in Electrotherapeutics with Remarks on Dosage. — Dr. A. D. Rockwell of New York City, in presenting this paper, called attention to the lack of judicial fairness revealed by a survey of the current literature of electrotherapeutics. As a result of this, the enthusiast became an altogether illogical pessimist and Buy Zantac Online denied the efficacy of the agent that he had crudely tested, and upon the other hand there was an overconfidence char- acterizing every public utterance or written report. The

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