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case. The patient, a man twenty years old. exhibited peculiar forward movements of the trunk. These move- ments consisted of abrupt, spasmodic, and repeated bending forward of the upper half of the body over the lower. The contraction was found to be limited to both recti muscles. The tic was exclusively abdominal and in the domain of the recti muscles. No other part of the body was involved. The treatment suggested was chiefly psychic. Journal of the American Medical Association. Noiember 3. 1906. The Dengers of the X-Ray.— D. L. EdsalKs study of this subject during the past eighteen months has shown that the rays have effects on metabolism, in some instances most violent, occurring even in normal individuals, and that these are apparently present whenever a general influence is clinically observable. These metabolic changes are due largely, if not entirely, he thinks, to tissue destruction as shown by a relatively large output of uric acid, purin bases, and phosphates, indicating the excess of nucleoproteid destruction. Histologic studies by Warthin and others show that the organs most affected are the bone marrow, spleen, and lymphoid tis- sues. Edsall says that the effects voltaren ec 75 mg of a single dose may be more severe than those of a similar dose of any other therapeutic agent with which he is acquainted, and may be either very useful clinically or so danger- ously violent as to hasten death, or even to cause it where it might otherwise have been avoided. He has voltaren 50mg diclofenac known of two deaths from this cause. He thinks we will have lo recast our views somewhat; instead of con- sidering the .i--ray as an agent only secondarily and somewhat distantly harmful, we should recognize in it an agent as effective as a powerful drug, and one not to be used without good and sufficient reasons and with all needed precautions against its doing any possible harm. The 4--ray specialist, moreover, should be fully informed as to all possible contraindications, so as to be able lo employ reasonable caution in his applica- tions. Edsall compares the .r-ray to anesthetics, which no one thinks of recommending without due considera- tion of their possible dangers in any particular case. He mentions two groups of disorders that seem to him to deserve more careful consideration in this connec- tion than others. One of these is nephritis; the other includes patients suffering from any serious degree of toxemia. .\ possible third group includes patients with decided anemia, especially if combined with toxemia. He believes that there are decided therapeutic possibili- ties in the action on metabolism of the jr-ray, butit must be used with a definite appreciation of its restric- tions. The Effects of Pericarditis on the Heart,— N. S. Davis reviews the symptoms and lesions of pericarditis which are liable to be unrecognized because they are secondary in most cases to infections producing other symptoms that engross the practitioner's attention, es- pecially when there is not much serous effusion. The myocardium is not apt to be seriously involved in acute or fibrinous forms of pericarditis, save in cases where the pericardial inflammation has complicated an generic name for voltaren already enfeebling condition. The effects of adhesions have no characteristic symptoms and rarely interfere with the functions of the heart to serious or even noticeable extent. The most trustworthy symptom is the un- changing shape of the area of precordial dullness dur- ing inspiration and expiration, which must exist when a pericarditis fastens the heart to the anterior wall of the chest. Adhesions are not usually very dangerous except in enfeebled conditions or after acute illness in- terfering with compensation. In most cases pericardi- tis is not fatal. From 50 to 75 Per cent, of patients are estimated as recovering. Rheumatic pericarditis, as compared with that from other infections, is benign. Purulent and hemorrhagic pericarditis, unless recog- nized and successfully treated, is almost always fatal. \ rapidly developed effusion is dangerous, but aspira- tion or treatment may produce recovery or a prolonga- tion of life. .\ large slowly developed effusion is not threatening or immediately dangerous, and a small ef- fusion is of no more gravity than fibrinous inflamma- tion. About one-third of all cases are serofibrinous, about one-sixth are hemorrhagic or purulent, about one-twelfth tuberculous, and in an voltaren generic name approximate number there is total adhesion, but in one-third there are partial adhesions. The condition of the heart muscle largely influences the prognosis. The chance of prolonging life is slight in cases of chronic alcoholism and the cachexias of cancer, Bright's disease, and tuberculosis. In these it is usually due to a terminal infection and is often the direct cause of death. It is also a much more serious complication with pneumonia than tuber- culosis, and is a very grave complication with sepsis. Naturally, it is most dangerous at the extreme periods of life. Angina Pectoris — True and False. — True angina pec- toris, according to J. M. Anders, is a comparatively uncommon condition. Its mechanism is as yet imper- fectly known, but two facts are generally acepted: i. In the vast majority of cases it is accompanied with structural changes in the cardiovascular system; and 2, irritation or disturbance of the cardiac sensory nerves exists. He reviews the theories of its etiology and pathologv and inclines to accept as probable generic for voltaren the explanation of MacKenzie that impairment of the mus- cular contractility of the heart acts as an exciting cause 752 MEDICAL RECORD. [Nov. 10, 1906 and elucidates many cases. voltaren xr 100 An impaired nervous vital- ity must also be looked on as a predisposing cause. "But," he asks, "may there not be added peculiar nutri- tional or degenerative change in the nervous systern, brought about by high nerve pressure, which finds its expression in a peculiar neurosis that serves as the pre- disposing element in angina pectoris ?" Angina sine dolore must be accounted for, a condition, the main feature of which is an indescribable, almost painless, precordial oppression, that is not uncommon, engrafted on a variety of cardiac structural lesions. It shows that there is a distinction to be made between paroxys- mal precordial pains and angina pectoris; the essential difference between true and false angina may yet be found in some at present unknown agency, or possibly in the different impairment of the muscular contractil- ity, this being slight in the latter and carried to a dan- gerous voltaren 75 sr extent voltaren rapid 25mg in the former. False angina is charac- terized by precordial pain without the angor animi and without gross organic lesions, and .1 yields to appropri- ate treatment. Three groups are recognized, name- ly, the neurotic, the toxic, and the reflex. The latter class, Anders thinks, deserves considera- tion by itself, and the fact that certain contribut- ing factors in true angina are present also in this vari- ety renders it of special importance. The differential diagnosis between true and false angina is discussed and caution is suggested in making the diagnosis of the latter. Pseudoangina may develop into true angina, and it is safer for the patient to treat it as for the latter in dubious cases. There may be cases of true angina without apparent cardiovascular lesions, and in rare cases there may be an impossibility of their distinction. In spite of this and of the etiological affinities, Anders agrees with Huchard, Osier, and others in adopting this provisional classification and separating the func- tional from the organic forms whenever practicable. True angina is related to the functional forms so far as the vasomotor disturbances are concerned, but it also includes pathological lesions whose relations to the symptoms are truly obscure and complicated. Appendicitis and Gallstones. — .Attention is called by J. G. Sheldon to the apparent relationship existing be- tween appendicitis and gallstones. From July 15, 1903, to July I, 1906, he operated on forty-eight patients with gallstones, and on seven with appendicitis with chole- cystitis without gallstones. In these seven cases his opinion was that the cholecystitis was secondary to the appendicitis. In two of the gallstone operations acute infection was present and the appendix was not exam- ined. One of these patients is well, but the other com- plains of voltaren 100 mg retard abdominal symptoms and has tenderness over the appendix. In the remaining forty-six gallstone cases the appendix was normal only in four, and in thirty-four of the others the history was plainly sug- gestive Cand in some of them definite) of former appen- dicitis, dating back ten or twelve years. He reviews the evidence pointing to the origin of the infection causing gallstones, and deduces the probability of chronic appendicitis furnishing the germs through the blood stream. If the liver, through its inefficiency or frorn the number and virulence of the germs, is unable to dispose of them, and some of them are continually escaping into the bile stream, disease of the bile pas- sages might occur. While this route is not definitely proven, it appears, theoretically and clinically, probable. Hence he concludes that disease of the appendix should be kept in mind voltaren for sale in every gallstone operation. The ap- pendix should be inspected when possible, and should by no means be considered normal on account of the absence of periappendicular changes. Unless Shel- voltaren topical don's experience has been altogether exceptional, he thinks that those who follow the above advice will be impressed with the frequent coincidence of appendicitis and gallstone disease, and that if the combined opera- tion IS done more frequently the results will he more permnnent and satisfactory. Sterile Salt Solution Injections in Intraperitoneal Hemorrhage. — M. Jampolis concludes: i. The infusion of pliysiological salt solution into the peritoneal cavity should be practised in every case of hemorrhage not voltaren sr 75 mg tablet accom- panied by infection, for two general reasons: (a) Its effect on shock; (b) its beneficial action on the peritoneum and the conditions in the peritoneal cavity; in some cases its effect would be palliative, in others, curative. 2. In cases of intraperitoneal hemorrhage accompanied by such severe shock as to render an immediate laparot- omy necessarily fatal, voltaren in canada the immediate infusion of warm physiological saline solution would certainly do no harm, but would stimulate the peritoneum, counteract existing shock, and prepare the system for any that might follow a subsequent operation. 3. If hemorrhage had ceased and laparotomy was not voltaren in usa required, it would be of the utmost value. Besides combating shock, the solution would mingle intimately with the blood, hold the particles in suspension, and hasten absorption without permitting clots to form to be the basis of troublesome and dangerous adhesions. 4. The proce- dure requires no great skill and can be carried out by any voltaren xr 100 mg general practitioner. The Lancet, October 20, 1906. Some Observations on Enlarged Veins in Children. — Fourteen cases are voltaren ec tablets 50mg detailed by A. G. Gibson. He notes the finding of enlarged voltaren sr 100mg small veins on the chest and elsewhere in certain hospital cases with general debil- ity, wasting, and listlessness. On the chest they appear as small ramifications flush with the surface of the skin; in front they tend to converge toward the upper part of the sternum, but behind they usually show a stellate arrangement. In some of the most marked cases large veins can be seen as far out as the deltoid region. As a rule no veins are seen below the chest, but the author has seen cases in which there was no abdominal disease showing such venules about the groin. The jugulars can almost always be seen either as blue streaks or distinctly dilated; one or both sides may be affected. Veins can frequently be seen also under the chin, at the temples, and very occasionally on the forehead. A normal adult from a number of causes may present a full jugular vein, but in very few children with no suspicion of disease is such a condition seen. In adults a large jugular vein is always emptied during inspiration, a fact which can most readily be verified by watching the neck of a person breathing deeply under ether; but in children voltaren xr 100mg who have large jugular veins together with venules on the chest a deep inspiration produces only a slight collapse, if any, of the veins; this is true of the upright as well as the re- voltaren ec cumbent position. The cause of this venous distention is undoubtedly tuberculous enlargement of the bron- chial glands. Probably in most instances the mediasti-

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