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(Prom Our Special Correspondent.) PLAGUE COMMISSION — LATE RICKETS — UTERINE TUMOR — TU- BERCULOSIS OF CERVIX UTEKI — STREPTOTHRICOSIS OF THE APPENDIX VERMIFORMIS — ACLAND HO.ME^<;UILD Valtrex 500mg OF ST. LUKE — QUACKS Valtrex Mg COMMITTED — OBITUARY. London, October 19. iqo6. The inquiry instituted at the instance of the Lister Insti- tute by the Government of India into the spread of plague reinforces the theory that the disease is chiefly transmitted by the flea of the rat. The report of the Commission has not yet appeared, but Valtrex On Line some of its Valtrex Order operations and conclu- sions have been published by the authority of the advisory committee and are recorded by the Journal of Hygiene. The association of rats with epidemics 500 Mg Valtrex of plague has been noticed for generations, but the manner of communi- cation was not established. Kitasato and Yersin showed that the bacillus was the same in rats as in men, but it was not until some seven or eight years ago that the flea was suspected to be the carrying agent. The Indian Com- mission has shown that plague can be so transmitted. Simond eight years ago satisfied himself that the flea could convey plague from one rat to another, but it was thought the rat flea did not infect other animals or men — a view now known to be untenable. The e.xperiments of the Com- mission show that a common Indian rat infected with plague does not transmit the disease if no fleas are present. On the other hand, if fleas are present, plague may spread from an infected rat to a healthy one confined in a separate cage so as to prevent these animals coming into contact. Plague may be communicated to guinea pigs, and these may be let run among healthy animals, provided no fleas are present. An infected animal may suckle its young without giving theiTi plague, provided no flea is Valtrex Buy Online present ; but let fleas have access and the plague spreads from one to an- other, according to the number of fleas present. Other c.\periments and observations seem to prove that rat fleas in a house which has been disinfected after plague cases will give the disease to guinea pigs, the fleas being caught on these animals and placed on others which succumbed. The bacillus was found in the stomachs of the fleas. If houses in which plague had occurred were found to be freed from fleas, the bacillus disappeared from them sooner than had been previously supposed ; but so long as they remained infection would continue. At the Clinical Society the president, Mr. Clutton, de- livered his address. Subject, Adolescent or Late Rickets. His first case he met w^ith three years ago; a man at twenty-one, who at twelve had had to wear supports for genu valgum, and on whom osteotomy was done at sixteen for both knees. At nineteen curvature resembling genu recurvatum began. Patient shown, and skiagrams showed changes in the bone were of long duration, and apparently began at the epiphyseal lines. In the shafts adjoining the epiphyses there was much less cortex than normal and a large translucent medulla, and here the curvature had ap- parently begim. Diagnosis was established by the active state of rickets in the wrists, as seen in both radius and ulna by ;r-rays. .Mmost all the long bones showed changes at the ends of the diaphyses adjoining the epiphyses. Two other cases at twelve and fourteen were shown by skia- grams showing the disease in a recent state, the contrast with the older cases being most interesting. Two post- mortem specimens were also exhibited, one from the Col- lege of Surgeons and one from the Children's Hospital. A number of skiagrams taken by Dr. Greg at St. Thomas's Hospital were also shown. Mr. E. Muirhead Little described, with the specimen from the College of Surgeons, a case occurring in a girl of seventeen in whom infantilism was well marked and the changes in the bones were extremely typical of rickets. At the operation the bone was quite soft. Mr. Lucas, referring to a paper in which he had tried to show a connection between late rickets and intermittent albuminuria, said the emotional state of puberty favored the occurrence of both. Dr. P. Weber recalled that Wright had shown that cal- cium salts would cure most cases of Purchase Valtrex cyclic albuminuria, but had little or no eflfect on rickets. 748 MEDICAL RECORD. [Nov. lo, 1906 Mr. R. C. Elmslie showed two cases and remarked on the difficulty of tracing the origin, the history obtainable being incomplete or untrustworthy. In many cases in which he had by the jr-rays found rickets the condition was quite unknown to the mother., The signs might all disappear by the age of eight, e.xcept the puny development and head changes, particularly a curious high forehead. These features he always found in late rickets, and they suggested an early origin. At the Obstetrical Society Drs. Eden and Provis related a case of intraligamentous fibrocystic uterine tumor weigh- ing about thirty pounds removed by enucleation and in- complete hysterectomy. The patient died the ne.xt day, but post mortem could not be obtained. It was thought embolism was the cause of death, as there were complica- tions suggesting such an occurrence. Mr. Eric Young then read an account of a case of pri- mary tuberculosis of the cervix uteri in a thin, nervous woman of twenty-si-x, married, healthy up to six months before seen. Thick, yellow discharge, a constant pain in back for five weeks, no bleeding, no glandular enlargement ; cervix indurated and swollen, uneven, ulcerated in places, nodular, not friable ; uterus freely movable ; lungs healthy ; no sign of tubercle elsewhere ; none in family. Hysterectomy was done. Six months later no recurrence. Dr. Routh said the case was important in reference to the relative fre- quency of tubercle of the cervix and Fallopian tube. Dr. Lewers had had such a case and the patient remained well for several years after the operation. Dr. Galabin had had a case in which the body of the uterus had become involved so that hysterectomy was the only resource. Dr. Andrews had seen a similar case turn out to be syphilitic. At the Valtrex To Buy Medical Society of London the vermiform appen- dix was again under discussion — this Order Valtrex time as the subject of actinomycosis, or, as some prefer to call it, strepto- thrichosis, as other forms of streptothrix than the ray fungus may be concerned in the disease. Mr. T. H. Kel- lock read the paper and gave some account of seven cases which had occurred at the Middlesex Hospital within the last three years. He described two types of the disease : (i) Simple streptothrix infection in or about the appendix; (2) a graver infection complicated by the presence of pyo- genic organisms. In quiet cases slight, long-continued pain and indurated tissue were the clinical features. In suppu- rating cases early signs were followed by burrowing ab- scesses. When diagnosis was clear, operation was advised. There was some discussion of the paper and one of the speakers held that a cecal origin could not be excluded in most cases, Cheap Valtrex if any, while as to treatment, operation alone was not sufficient, but iodide of potassium was also neces- sary to effect a cure. Professor Osier opened the new wing of the Acland Home on Saturday. He read a letter sent by direction of the Queen, congratulating Miss Acland, to whose exertion much is due, on the success of the institution which bears the name of her great and good father. Dr. Osier remarked that with 3,000 undergraduates it was important to have a home to which they could aonly in serious illness. It was established as a memorial of Mrs. Acland and the late honored professor. The Guild of St. Luke had its Buying Valtrex annual service at St. Paul's on Wednesday, when above two hundred doctors in robes attended. The master and wardens of the Apothe- caries' Company, wearing their blue gowns, trimmed with sable, formed a little procession and were conducted to seats in the choir. Then came the Valtrex Buy large choir, followed by the robed doctors, walking two and two. Dr. A. Caley read the first lesson (Eccles. xxxviii.) and Sir Dyce Duck- worth the second (Luke xiii.). Canon Newbold, warden of the guild, preached from the Third Epistle of St. John, sec- ond verse, and dwelt on the work of doctors and clergy in the cause of health, bodily Buy Valtrex and spiritual, appealing to medical men to join with the clergy in Valtrex Online work which both desired to promote. Two quacks were committed for trial on Wednesday, charged Get Valtrex with obtaining money by fraud. For years they have driven a thriving trade by advertising that the Rev. J. Hope would tell incurable patients of a remedy. On application powders were recommended ; price, 18/6. -Analyzed, they were found to consist of a mi.xture of sodium carbonate and potassium bromide, colored with bark, and valued at 2d. From Valtrex Purchase January to Septem- ber they netted ^3,300 from ignorant sufferers, some of whom testified that they trusted the reverend gentleman and had no idea that he did not exist. Dr. E. R. H. Pollard, M.R.C.P.I., 1887, Inspector-General of Hospitals and Fleets and First Inspector-General of the Royal Xaval Hospital, Chatham, died in that institution on the 9th inst., aged fifty-one. Lieut.-Col. C. S. Wills, C.B., late of the R.A.M.C, died on the I2th, after a long illness, aged seventy-two. He entered the army in i860 and saw much service. In Online Valtrex the Zulu War of 1879 he was P.M.O. and Sanitary Officer, Director of Hospitals, etc., was mentioned in despatches,, awarded the medal, and retired as Lieut.-Col. and C.B. in 1889. Surgeon-Major Walter Leach, R.A.M.C. (retired), died on the 13th, aged seventy-eight. He entered the Army Medical Department in 1854 and retired in 1875. He went through the Central Indian campaign, was present at sev- eral battles, for one of which he was awarded the medaL OUR LETTER FROM COPENHAGEN. (From Our Special Correspondent.) SALT-FREE TRE.^TMENT OF EPILEPSY — THE BIRTH RATE IN" SWEDEN — A MODIFIED RIVA-ROCCI APPARATUS — PROFESSOR HAMMARSTEN's jubilee — COMPETITION FOR THE CHAIR OF SURGERY. CoPE.N'HAGEN, October 16, 1906. It will be remembered that Toulouse and Richet in 1900 recommended a new treatment of epilepsy, consisting in the withdrawal of sodium chloride from the food. The explan- ation of the good results was said to be found in the cir- cumstance that the bromides, given to the patient, would show a greater efficacy. The treatment has been tried in many places, but the last word has not yet been said re- garding its value. In Denmark the treatment has been tried by Dr. A. Sell, physician in charge of an asylum for epilep- tics, with nearly two hundred inmates. On the whole, he approves of the How To Order Valtrex treatment, but a recently published re- search by Dr. Hermann Lundborg, physician of the Upsala .\sylum (Sweden), would seem to show that not all cases are favorably influenced by it. Lundborg states that the treatment very often causes a remarkable decrease in the number of attacks, but, on the other hand, not seldom also a deterioration of the psyche. It would seem that the treatment ought Valacyclovir Valtrex only to be applied in asylums, infirmaries, and other places, where the patient is under constant super- vision. It is indicated in cases with relatively frequent at- tacks without pronounced psychical accidents ; in cases with transitory psychoses, when these appear in connection with attacks, the intervals being as free as possible ; finally, in torpid forms of epilepsy without too pronounced stupor. The treatment is contraindicated in cases with grave com- plications in lungs, heart, vessels, or kidneys : in cases com- plicated by hysteria or epileptiform hysterical attacks ; in cases of a pronounced erethistic type, and, finally, in cases in which stupor is more or less constant. Another distinguished Swede, Prof. Pontius Fahlbeck, has published a highly interesting investigation into the birth rate of our time with special reference to Sweden. The many important statements made by the writer can- not but make a deep impression on all those who feel alarmed at the decrease in fertility of the human race in Europe. I shall here reproduce some of Professor Fahl- beck's results. In a table, giving the number of living born per 1,000 of the population, we see that France has gone down from 25.5 in the lustrum 1871-1875 to 21.9 in 1896-1900 ; Sweden during the same periods from 30.7 to

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