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able. Lymphocytosis of the Cerebrospinal Fluid. The lymphocytosis which is often observed in tabes may be accounted for by the anatomical localization of Buy Trimox the disease, for tabes is Order Trimox believed to begin as a dif- fuse meningitis which extends to the posterior roots and columns. The irritation of the meninges is suf- ficient to account for the increase in the number of lymphocytes in the cerebrospinal fluid. A similar condition has also been Buy Trimox Online noted during the Trimox Indications second stage of syphilis, in which the nocturnal headaches also point to meningeal irritation. Involvement of the Trimox Online nervous system during tertiary syphilis is quite constantly accompanied by a cerebrospinal lympho- cytosis, whereas it is present in only about one-half the cases in which a gumma is localized in some other portion of the body. In syphilitic hemiplegia we also meet with a lymphocytosis of the cerebro- spinal fluid, while this is not present when the con- dition is due to cerebral softening or hemorrhage, so that in this instance it may be accepted as a dif- ferential diagnostic sign. It is not possible, how- ever, to clear up the diagnosis in every case by merely finding a lymphocytosis of the cerebrospinal fluid, as pointed out recently by Widal. In the case in question, that of Generic Trimox a woman of seventy-one, the clin- ical picture was that of a subacute myelitis, and a closer examination showed a condition similar to a Brown-Sequard paralysis. Fluid obtained by lum- bar puncture disclosed evidences of a marked lym- phocytosis, although this might also have been due to a herpes zoster of long standing or to an Trimox 500mg unrecog- nized syphilitic infection. The lymphocytosis af- forded no clue, therefore, to the true condition, adding thus one more to the numerous instances showing that a laboratory finding can be considered of value only when it is weighed with the other features of the case. The Storage of Iron in the Organism. There exists considerable difiference of opinion re- garding the fate in the organism of iron ad- ministered for therapeutic purposes, and many have seriously doubted whether it is really taken up by the system under these circumstances. Some light may be thrown on this question by observations recently made by Grober {Medisinische Kiinik, No. 30, 1906) in patients suffering from chronic ulcer of the stomach. The subjects of this condition, usually women, are almost always anemic or chlorotic, and more or less emaciated. To a number of these Grober administered a diet consisting of milk and other articles known to Trimox Antibiotic be free from iron, or con- taining only a small proportion. The patients were kept in bed absolutely quiet. Within a few days there was a decided improvement in the general con- dition, and at the end of a week a well-marked in- crease in the hemoglobin content of the blood could be demonstrated. In other cases in which the hemo- globin had been reduced by gastric hemorrhages and the fear of a recurrence prohibited for days the taking of anything more than a few swallows of Nov. 10, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 745 cold milk, the same increase was observed. During a period of starvation the hemoglobin is not there- fore reduced, as might be expected, but, on the con- trary, becomes increased. Iron compounds are being constantly disintegrated in the human organism, and the iron is excreted chiefly by the intestine. Not- withstanding this it seems that the hemoglobin con- tent may remain unchanged, or even be subject to an increase. There must be stored away in the organism somewhere a supply of iron in reserve, regarding the locality and form of which we are still in ignorance. Further observations on this subject will meet with deserved attention. Plastic Operation for Hydronephrosis. The operative treatment of hydronephrosis has de- veloped along various lines depending on the indi- vidual indications, but in the main there are two leading types, the conservative and the radical. The former has been largely developed by Trendelen- burg, who endeavored by plastic methods to change the dilated pelvis of the kidney in such a way that new drainage facilities would be provided and uri- nary retention avoided. This is accomplished by freeing the ureter at its emergence from the renal pelvis and suturing it to the deepest portion of the distended sac. Free drainage of the pelvis is thus accomplished in a manner approximating the nor- mal. An extended trial of this method has been made by Lawen (Zeitschrift fiir Chirurgie, Vol. 79) in a series Where Can I Buy Amoxicillin of thirteen cases of hydronephrosis, in which nine Buy Amoxicillin patients were completely relieved. In consideration of the unfavorable conditions which are present in many of these patients a larger percentage of cures can hardly be hoped for, and one must regard the Amoxicillin 500 Mg result here attained as excellent. &>uia of tl|r Mrrk. An Epidemic of Typhoid Fever at Wesleyan. — Several cases of typhoid fever have developed at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn. An inves- tigation by Prof. Conn of the University has shown that the cases were due to contaminated oysters eaten by students at banquets of the various fraterni- ties on October 12. It was at Wesleyan University that a similar epidemic, a number of years ago, found to be due to the eating of infected oysters, called attention to this mode of transmission of the disease. Hospital Conference. — At a meeting of the Amoxil Trimox Hospital Conference of the City of New York, held at the Academy of Medicine on October 30, it was decided to study systematically the following subjects relating to hospital management : Hospital expenditure, uniform accounting, State inspection and municipal aid. the distribution and classification of hospitals and hospital beds in relation to the needs of the community, ambulance service, dispensaries, medical organization and medical education, paying patients, cooperation of hospitals with each other and with other relief agencies, the treatment of patients in their own homes. Amoxicillin Amoxil A resolution was adopted providing for the appointment of a Com- mittee of Investigation to consist of ten members. This committee will be subdivided into committees of one, to each of whom will be Trimox 500 Mg assigned one or more of the preceding subjects for investigation and report. It is provided that the Committee of Investigation shall have the right to offer reports and to make recommendations to the Conference as a bodv, but each member of the committee shall have the right to present to the Conference at any regular meeting a report on the subject especially assigned to him, and the reading of such reports shall constitute part of the regular order of business of the Conference. The substance of any report made to the Conference by an individual member of the Committee of Investigation, may be pub- lished by him unofficially as a personal document ; but no report shall be published as an official docu- ment of Trimox Side Effects the Conference unless it shall have been adopted by the Conference by vote and unless, fol- lowing its adoption, its publication is ordered by the Conference on the recommendation of the Exec- utive Committee. Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. — The new building of this institution was dedicated on October 30, by a service held in the Agnew Memorial Library in the presence of a large num- ber of medical and lay guests. The new building is seven stories high. It has a frontage of seventy- five feet and a depth of one hundred feet, and stands on a plot of ground covering four lots on Sixty- fourth street and three lots on Sixty-third street. The ground, building, and equipments cost about $700,000. The hospital is of brick, with white mar- ble trimmings, and is fireproof. The main wards are on the lower floors, and in the rear are sun bal- conies for convalescents. On the top floor are three ojjcrating rooms and laboratories for research work. On the fourth floor there are twenty-seven private rooms, with a special entrance and elevator. The Agnew Memorial Library, on the third floor, is in memory of Dr. Cornelius Ray .'Kgnew, the founder of the institution. In the hospital will be 150 beds, or three times the number in the old building at Forty-first street and Park avenue. The City's Tuberculosis Hospital. — The sum of $225,000 has been ap])ropriated for the erection of buildings on the site selected by the municipal au- thorities for the proposed tuberculosis hospital at Otisville, a settlement in Orange County, seventy- seven miles from New York City. The land has an altitude of about 1,400 feet, and it is proposed to provide for the accommodation of about two hun- dred patients, who will be either persons in the incipient stages of the disease or convalescents from the hospitals. It is expected that the construction and equipment of shacks for patients will cost $80,- 000, and the dining room and kitchens $20,000 more. A barn for forty cows will cost $18,000. The power plant is to be built for $30,000, and the rest of the appropriation will go for dormitories, employees, roadways, paths, and general improvements. Jewish Hospital for Deformities and Joint Diseases. — This institution was formally opened on November 4, and a reception was held by the officers and directors. The hospital Trimox Dosage is installed in a remodeled three-story building on Mount Mor- ris Park at 1917 Madison avenue. In the basement are the offices and reception rooms for patients. The second floor is devoted to private examination rooms and -v-ray room. On the third floor are the various wards. Most of the fourth floor is devoted to the operating room. The hospital is the outgrowth of a dispensary opened two years ago by Dr. Henry W. Frauenthal at Fiftieth street and Lexington avenue, and is nonsectarian. Report of Chicago Pasteur Institute. Where To Buy Amoxicillin — A sum- mary of the results of preventive inoculation against hydrophobia has been published by this institute since its inauguration in 1890. A Amoxicillin 500 total of 2,775 patients have received the antirabic treatment; of these. 2.474 were bitten by dogs, 100 by horses, 84 746 MEDICAL RECORD. [Nov. lo, 1906 by cats, 29 by cows, 23 by skunks, 9 by calves, 9 by wolves, 5 by pigs, 4 by coyotes, 4 by mules, 2 by burros, and one each Trimox 500 by a rat and a sheep. Hy- drophobic human beings infected 31 patients. Of the patients, 1,406 had received severe and multiple bites on the hands and wrists, 584 on the leg and thigh, 388 on the face and head, 359 on the arms, and 42 on the trunk. Only seven deaths were re- ported, giving a mortality rate of 0.25 per cent. Seven individuals gave up treatment, two of whom

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