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and the Public," in which he made a strong plea for greater care and attention on the part of ophthalmolo- gists in the correction of refractive errors of the eye. He condemned the practice, now happily declining, of prescribers of glasses accepting commissions or other form of compensation from oculists. Dr. Er- nest Laplace read a paper on " The Surgical Treat- ment of Insanity," reporting several cases presenting symptoms of mental aberration, in which relief was afforded by trephining, separation of dural adhesions, removal of old blood clots, etc. Dr. J. P. Crozer Griffith reported " A Case of Varicella Gangra-nosa," in which, following an attack of croupous pneumonia, diphtheria, rubeola, and varicella occurred synchro- nously in a child twenty-two months old. Large bulla: formed in various parts of the body, the breaking down of whose walls and the evacuation of their contents were followed by ulceration and gangrene. Upon post-mortem examination the trachea was found oc- cluded by diphtheritic membrane, although the larynx was free. " A Medical Jack the Ripper " is what the gen- tlemanly premier of South Australia called the former head of the gynecological staff of the Adelaide Hos- pital, who had resigned with his colleagues rather than submit to be ruled by a board, one of whose members was a practitioner who had been expelled from the local branch of the British Medical Associ- ation. Obituary Notes — Dr. George C. Shatiuck Choate, of Pleasantville, Westchester County, died suddenly in this city on Order Trental Online June 28th. He was born in Salem, Mass., in 1826. He was the oldest son of Dr. George Choate, of Salem, and a brother of Joseph H. Choate and William G. Choate, of this city. Dr. Choate was graduated from Harvard College in 1846 and from the Harvard Medical School in 1849. He was for ten years superintendent of the Massachusetts State Asylum for the Insane at Taunton. Thirty-six years ago he established a sanatorium near Pleasant- ville, and it was there that Horace Greeley died on November 29, 1872. — Dk. Josei'H Bauer, of St. Louis, 20 MEDICAL RECORD. [July 4, 1896 a son of Dr. Louis Bauer, died on May 2 2d of Bright's disease, at the age of forty-two years. He was a na- tive of Brooklyn, N. Y., and was graduated in medi- cine from the Missouri Medical College. — Dr. C. H. Bahl, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania in 1864, died in Philadelphia on June 14th. Measles in Costa Rica. — The American Practi- tioiiiT and News says that a fearful epidemic of mea- sles and mumps is reported by private letters to be raging in Costa Rica. More than ten thousand chil- dren are estimated to have died from these maladies during a period of three weeks. All official reports are rigorously suppressed for commercial reasons. Li Hung Chang's Bullet Found by the Roentgen Rays. — During the stay of Li Hung Chang in Berlin he visited the Charlottenburg Polytechnic and sub- mitted himself to a Roentgen-ray examination, which revealed the location of Trental Online the bullet fired by the would- be assassin of the Chinese statesman at Shimonoseki, Japan, when the treaty between China and Japan was being arranged. The bullet entered the left cheek and buried itself in the tissues slightly below, where Trental Generic it is now encysted. Cholera in Egypt. — The official cholera statistics show that during the week ending June 27th there were 1,383 new cases of the reported and 1,091 deaths. Navy Department, Bureau of Medicine and Sur- gery, Washington, D. C. Changes in the medical corps of the U. S. Navy for the week ending June 27, 1S96: June 23d. — Assistant Surgeon S. B. Palmer, detached from the New York Laboratory, June 29th. June 26th. — Passed Assistant Surgeon George Roth- ganger, detached from the Independence, July isth, and ordered to the Oregon. The New Jersey State Medical Society, at its annual meeting which closed at Asbury Park on June 24th, elected the following officers: Fresideiit, Dr. F. |. Smith, Bridgeton : lurst Vice-President, Dr. D. C. Knglish, New Brunswick; Second Vice-President, Dr. ('. R. P. Fisher, Bound Brook; Third Vice-President, Dr. Luther M. Halsey, Newark; Correspondi?tg Generic Trental Secre- fiiry. Dr. E. L. B. Godfrey, Camden ; Recordijig Secre- tary, Dr. William Pierson, Orange; Treasurer, Dr. Archibald Mercer, Newark; Prize Essayist for 1897, Dr. Harris. The subject for the fellows' prize essay for the coming year is the " Antitoxin Treatment of Tetanus." The next annual meeting will be held in Atlantic City in June, 1897. The Fourth of July in Berlin. — Buy Trental The Trental 100 Mg American physicians and dentists resident in Berlin Trental Tablets propose to celebrate the Fourth by holding a picnic at Grunau after attending the official reception which is to be given by United States Ambassador Uhl. Professor Edwin Klebs has been elected to the chair of pathology in Rush Medical College. Rush Medical College of Chicago This college has recently been recognized by the examining board of the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Surgeons of London, England. This recog- nition entitles its alumni to all the privileges accorded to the graduates of other Trental Price institutions recognized by that board. Medical Association of Baltimore and Ohio Rail- way Surgeons. — The semi-annual meeting of the Medical Association of Baltimore and Ohio Railway Surgeons was held at Philadelphia on June 23d and 24th, Dr. J. M. Spear, of Cumberland, Md., presiding. An address of welcome was delivered by Dr. W. W. Weaver, chairman of the committee of arrangements. Among the communications presented were the follow- ing: "A Clinical Study of the Ophthalmic Symptoms in a Case of Fracture of the Anterior Base of the Skull," by Dr. Charles A. Oliver; "Fracture of the Elbow-Joint," by Dr. B. J. Byrne, of Ellicott City, Md. ; '■ Legal Surgery," by Dr. S. S. Good, of Myers- dale; '-Fractures," by Dr. W. E. Stothers, of Wheel- ing, W. Va.; "Color Blindness," by Dr. Charles A. Oliver; "The Best Form of Amputation for Stumps," by Dr. J. M. Thome, of McKeesport; "Fracture of the Thigh," by Dr. J. F. Reger, of Littleton, W. Va. ; '■ The Railway Surgeon," by Dr. J. W. Wright, of Columbus. A demonstration of making tablets and an address on their use were given by Dr. Trental Cost J. J. Hamilton, of La Paz, Ind. It was decided to hold the next meeting at Chicago in December, 1896. American Dermatological Association. — The next annual meeting of this association will be held at the Hot Springs of Virginia September 8, 9 and 10, 1896. Several papers on interesting Buy Cheap Trental subjects have been already promised. Dr. White, of Boston, will open a general discussion on the subject, '' What Effect do Diet and Alcohol have upon the Causation and Course of the Eczematous Affections and Psoriasis?" The secretary of the association is Dr. Charles W. .Allen, 126 East 60th Street, New York City. (Dbitxuu'ij. EDWIN Pentoxifylline Trental D. RAMSDELL, M.D., NEW VORK. Dr. Edwin D. Ramsdell died at his home in this city on Friday morning, June 12th, from pneumonia, after an illness of only three days. Dr. Ramsdell was born in Belleville, Jefferson County, N. V., March 19, 1830. He received his education in the piililic schools of Watertown. When but sixteen years old he became a teacher and continued in this work for four years, and then came to New York, where he en- tered the Medical School of the University of the City of New York. He was graduated in 1855, and at once began practice in this city. Dr. Ramsdell was a member of the Medical Order Trental Society of the County of New York. He leaves a widow and four children, a daughter and three sons, one of the latter a physician in Purchase Trental this city. All who knew him revered him for his honestj' of purpose, his simple life, his fidelity to all trusts, and his charity toward the poor. He never strove for hon- ors or preferments or riches, but strove ever to do his duty to all. and he received his reward in the devoted love of his patients. July 4, 1S96] MEDICAL RECORD. 21 Jiociety Reports. AMERICAN ORTHOP.-EDIC ASSOCIATION. Tenth Annual Meeting, Held in Buffalo, Trental Mg May ig, 20, and 21, iSg6. RovAL Whit.max, M.D., of New York, President. First Day — May igth. The Rationale of Gymnastic Exercise and Pressure Correction in the Treatment of Scoliosis.— Dr. L. A. Weigel, of Rochester, read Buy Trental Online a paper with this title, and summarized his viev.s as follows: (i) Gymnastic exercise as an exclusive method of treatment must be limited to the very early stages and to deformities which are postural, pure and simple; (2) exercises of all kinds are insufficient, even in comparatively mild cases; (3) treatment by mobilizing tiie spine should precede any Purchase Trental Online attempt to develop the muscles; (4) re- moval of the superincumbent weight is the Trental Indications important part of the treatment and is of great value in sustain- ing the effects of exercise; (5) overdevelopment is to be avoided; and (6j empiricism should have no part in the treatment of scoliosis. The Rapid Cure of Rotary Lateral Curvature of the Spine and Other Postural Deformities, by Means of Thorough Development and Corrective Exercises with Heavy Weights. — Dr. Jacob Tesch- NER, of New York, present by invitation, read a paper on this subject and gave a demonstration of the meth- od of carrying out these exercises. According to liis view of lateral curvature, it was due to general muscu- lar weakness and habitual faulty position, and hence the whole muscular system shoukl be developed. At each visit the patient is put to his individual limit, and it is found tliat this usually increases at each visit. He claimed that by this method he had succeeded in curing cases of lateral curvature in which there were bony and ligamentous changes and Trental 400 marked rotation present. In tlie milder cases improvement was quite noticeable within two weeks, and a cure would often be effected in Trental Injection three months. He said that out of twenty-one cases treated by him according to this method, nineteen had been cured, and two had been very much improved at the time the treatment had been discontinued. The advantages claimed for the treatment were: (i) The improvement in the general health and in the muscular development ; (2) a marked increase in the lung capacity; (3) a slower and more

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