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to our prescription Thorazine Uses of electricity. Massage, exer- cise in the fresh air. a Thorazine Online proper diet, regulation of habits of the individual, all these are accessory agents and should be conjoined with the electrical treatment if we wish to obtain the best results. Such, indeed, is the intelligent medical use of this agent in the hands of the qualified physician. With- out such therapeutic accessories, electricity, like massage, is very restricted in its usefulness Thorazine Bipolar and tends toward charlatanism. POST-OPERATIVE GASTRIC PARALYSIS —ACUTE DILATATION OF THE STOMACH. Bv W. A. BASTEDO. M.D., NEW YORK. INSTRUCTOR IN MATERIA MEDICA. COLVUBIA UNITBRSITT; ASSUTAm TO ATTENDING PHYSICIAN. ST. LUKE's HOSPITAL. TiiRoCGii Thorazine Chlorpromazine the excellent monograph and review of forty-four collected cases by H. C. Thomson, in 1902, the attention of the profession was espe- Purchase Thorazine cially directed to the subject of acute dilatation of the stomach. Twelve of Thomson's cases were associated with surgical operations, and recently reported cases are nearly all of this type. Of stomach dilatations, the ordinary acute post- prandial type is seen not infrequently, is easily recognized, and is readily overcome by prompt 734 MEDICAL RECORD. [Nov. lo, 1906 Generic Thorazine treatment ; Buy Cheap Thorazine on the other hand, because of its lack of recognition, and because of its influence on the prognosis in surgical conditions, the post- operative paralytic type is of the greatest clinical importance. I have recently seen three cases of acute dila- tation of the stomach, each representing a distinct type of the Thorazine 100 Mg afllection. One was of the post- operative paralytic type; the other two were without paralysis, and were due, respectively, to the ingestion of a heavy meal in a chronically dilated stomach, and to the artificial dilatation with gas of a stomach which had an obstructed pylorus. In these three cases the precursors of the dilatation, and the condition of the stomach during the dilatation, were different. Case I. — Miss N., aged twenty-three years, an actress, seen with Dr. Harold D. Meeker. Family history negative as to nervous or gastric trouble; one brother has tuberculosis. Ten years ago the patient had mumps, followed by severe pain in the left lower abdomen, lasting a week (oophori- tis accompanying mumps?). Never any gastric derangement, but some constipation, so Thorazine Iv that she had the habit of taking salts about once a week. Five years ago she had a gonococcus infection. On January 21, 1906, Dr. Meeker performed a curettage, and removed both tubes and one ovary. The operation lasted one hour and fifteen min- Thorazine 10 Mg utes, under gas and ether anesthesia, with Ben- nett inhaler. General condition throughout oper- ation poor. After the operation her temperature was 100°, pulse 100, respiration 22. For six hours she had the usual post-ether nausea and discom- fort, then complained of severe epigastric pain, and shortly afterwards vomited some yellowish fluid, with small amounts of mucus. Eight hours after operation the pain was very severe, and % grain of morphine sulphate was administered hypodermically. Temperature, 101.6°, pulse 120, respiration 22. A pint of hot saline solution given by Chlorpromazine Thorazine rectum was retained. There was much retch- ing and vomiting every ten or fifteen minutes. At II P. M., nine hours after operation, the stomach was washed out, and a large quantity of bile-stained fluid removed. Following this lavage she did not vomit for two and one-half hours, and till 9 A. Thorazine 200 Mg M., vomited only four times, though she slept but little. The next day the pain continued and the abdomen was greatly distended, so tur- pentine stupes were applied, and 1-80 grain of eserine sulphate was given hypodermically, and repeated an hour later, to move the bowels. A small quantity of milk, given at 9 a. m., was vom- ited half an hour later, with several ounces of greenish fluid. Retching continued, and Thorazine 25 Mg she vom- ited four or five ounces of bile-stained fluid about every hour. At noon (temperature 101°, pulse 132, respiration 22), an enema containing turpen- tine, glycerin, and milk of asafetida was admin- istered, and three hours later the bowels moved freely, with the expulsion of some gas. In spite of this the distention and the vomiting continued. At 4 p. M., lavage, and the administration of six ounces of peptonized milk through the tube, gave rest for three hours. At 6 p. m. she was given a nutrient enema, and at 7 p. m. the vomiting began again. At 7 130 p. M. I saw her for the first time. As had been noted by Dr. Meeker, there did not seem to be any marked tension in the region of the abdominal incision above the symphysis, but there was great ballooning higher up. On pres- sure two inches below the umbilicus there was no pain and no marked resistance, but, on pressing above the navel, the pain was intense and the re- sistance pronounced. The vomiting was not ex- pulsive; it was preceded by much retching, and the fluid seemed to flow out of the mouth without great effort. A stomach tube was passed, and Purchase Thorazine Online a large quantity of rather grumous, deep-green fluid was removed. It contained a few particles of orange, which we discovered had been surrepti- tiously given by a friend just before the opera- tion, and was without free hydrochloric acid, though acid in reaction. Lavage was continued for ten minutes, and then six ounces of peptonized milk were given through the tube. The pulse was 140, and feeble. She did not vomit again for four hours, and then the vomitus was almost free from milk. The diagnosis of acute paralytic dilatation of the stomach having been made, the patient was put on hypodermics of strychnine sulphate gr. 1-30 every three hours, and was to be given by mouth one dram of chloroform water every, two hours, each dose to be followed in five minutes by two drams of peptonized milk. She was to have a nutrient enema twice a day, and lavage twice a day, six ounces of peptonized milk to be left in the stomach after each lavage. Only twice again did the patient vomit, Buy Thorazine each time about four hours after lavage, a greenish fluid, containing a few milk remnants. By the next evening the distention was much less and the patient was comfortable, so the amount of peptonized milk to follow the chloro- form water was increased to half an ounce. The maximum of temperature for the day was 100.5°, of pulse 120, of respiration 22. The following day, the third after operation, the maximum tempera- ture was 99.5°, pulse 113, respiration 20. The amount of peptonized milk was steadily increased, and three days later Order Thorazine Online the patient was getting three ounces every three hours. On Jan- uary 30, nine days after the operation, the chloro- form water, lavage, and nutrient enemas were dis- continued, and the diet made plain milk. From this time she rapidly graduated to light diet, and then to modified regular diet, without further dis- turbance. Case II. — Miss A. S., aged forty years, a cook. Was summoned to her in great haste, and found her lying on the floor, upon which she had col- lapsed a few minutes previously. The story was that, while at dinner, half an hour earlier, and after having eaten heartily of boiled ham, cab- bage, etc., she had felt faint and dizzy, and had complained of pain in her stomach. She had belched some wind and tried to vomit, but could not ; and presently, while on her way to a couch, had collapsed on the floor, where I found her. On my arrival her expression was anxious, she seemed unable to speak, and gasped for breath, her skin was cold, cyanotic, and sweating, and her pulse rapid and feeble. The abdominal wall was fat, byt there was markc'l ballooning of the whole abdomen, so that it was tense, like a drum. The navel was at the most prominent part of the swelling. Flaving only a pocket case with me, I hastily administered a hypodermic of i-io grain of apomorphine, and, mixing some rhubarb and soda tablets with water, gave this by mouth. In a moment she belched much gas, then began to heave, and presently brought up an immense quantity of thick fermenting liquid, which con- tained large chunks of ham, cabbage, potatoes, etc. The vomitus filled a good-sized basin, and Nov. 10, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 735 smelt strongly of fennenlation. The relief was almost instantaneous, and in a few minutes her pulse was strong Order Thorazine and below 100, her breathing was easy, and with our assistance she got into bed. I saw her the next morning, and, though still a bit weak, she seemed to have recovered from the attack, and complained of hunger. She told me then that she had suffered much from digestive trouble, was always bloated, frequently belched gas, and now and then would vomit food that she had eaten twelve or fifteen hours before. Her teeth were in bad condition, and her stomach percussed to about two inches below the umbili- cus. I did not see her again. C.\SE III. — Mrs. R. S., aged fifty years, house- wife, was referred to me in the Department of Applied Therapeutics at the Vanderbilt Clinic, as a case with disease of the digestive organs. Her chief complaints were: belching of large quanti- ties of gas, occasional vomiting of sour ferment- ing food, and the loss in weight of 60 pounds in six months. On inspection there was seen con- stant moderate peristalsis, beginning at the left free border of the ribs and passing at first down- ward, then to the right below the umbilicus. Just to the right of the mid line, and from two to three inches below the navel, was an area of intermit- tent vibratory palpation, with a loud, harsh aus- cultatory gurgle, and an indefinite mass felt uncertainly through a tense Thorazine 50 Mg rectus muscle. The test breakfast gave a large quantity of stomach contents, with a total acidity of 44, no free HCl, some organic acid, no lactic acid, rennet ferment Buy Thorazine Online very active. The stool gave a strong reaction for occult blood. This was a case of pyloric stenosis,

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