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The most dangerous germ found in these cases of mixed infection, and the one which is nearly always present, is the streptococcus. If we can uvercome it, the other germs will usually cause little trouble. A very efficient remedy against these germs where to buy synthroid is streptolytic serum. purchase synthroid The difficulties in its use are that it is expensive, it requires to be uted in large quantities for a long period, and its action is not always certain. But it is undoubtedly a rem- edy worthy of use and a great aid in this usually- considered helpless condition. Aside from mixed infection, fibroid changes, ne- crosis, synthroid price and in some instances calcification, occur in the diseased areas. From the blocking up of the blood-vessels in the lung there is a damming back of the blood, with more or less passive congestion of the internal viscera ; the heart has an extra burden thrust upon it, and buy cheap synthroid its muscle, weakened by the strain, often becomes damaged. Cavities form in the lung ; contraction occurs. That part of the lung which is not affected hypertrophies, and becomes- emphysematous, thus adding more burden to the heart ; the general system is poisoned by the toxin ; wasting occurs, and all organs suffer more or less. This gives us the picture of consumption. This is what we are trying to relieve when we attempt the treatment of advanced cases of tuberculosis. Tuber- culosis is a disease, consumption a condition result- ing from the disease. When we have done all we can for synthroid cheap such cases we have done little enough. Fresh air will do much for them, but it comes far from being the only thing that can be done. Every such case must be made a study of itself, and then, by careful attention to details of synthroid cost treatment, much can be done, even for many of these advanced cases. Until the medical profession becomes more alert at early diagnosis, we cannot hope to synthroid online treat our cases in that early stage when at least three-fourths of them should be cured, but must direct our efforts toward the relief of the cases as we find them. There is one thing gratifying, however, in the treatment of advanced cases of tuberculosis, and that is that much more can be done for them' than is usually supposed. Some of those who are even far advanced can be cured, many of them can secure an arrest of their disease, order synthroid online and most of them can be improved. In order to obtain such results, however, we should worship no idols, neither cod-liver oil, creo- sote, climate, open air, or tuberculin. We should grasp the full meaning of the pathological process 728 MEDICAL RECORD. [Nov. lo, 1906 with which we are struggling, and then endeavor to apply our therapeutic measures accordingly, re- membering that it is far better to attack an enemy at every vulnerable point than at one alone. While I am a firm believer in the open-air, dietetic, and hygienic treatment of tuberculosis, and recognize it to be one of the greatest advances of modern therapy, yet I should dislike very much ♦^o see our therapeutic efforts stop here. My plea is for a broader view and a more rational therapy, not only one based on nutrition, but one which considers ^he disease in all its varied aspects. NEURASTHENIA. By HUBERT RICHARDSON, M.D., BALTIMORE, MD. j fLBCTUR'ER ON PHYSIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY AND ON NEUROLOGY AND PSYCHIATRY, UNIVERSITY OP MARYLAND; PATHOLOGIST TO THE MARYLAND HOME FOR FEEBLE-MINDED CHILDREN.| Neurasthenia as a definite form of nervous dis- ease was first described by Beard of New York, in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, 1869, followed by a paper read before the New York Academy of Medicine in 1878 ; he further .elaborated the subject in a work entitled "Nerv- •ous Exhaustion," which reached a second edition lin 1890; later he published "Sexual Xeurasthe- ■nia," where he attempted to place a number of •different nervous troubles under the same head- ing, including hypochondria, hysteria and sexual perversion. Neurasthenia is a disease most often found in •hospitals in its uncomplicated form, but often accompanied by other morbid conditions which mask its symptoms, rendering diagnosis difficult. During the writer's connection synthroid tablets with Mount Hope Retreat, and also in private practice, he has had the opportunity of observing a considerable num- ber of cases, and he attempts in this paper to give a symptomatic picture of the disease for the bene- fit of the general practitioner, who is usually the first consulted by the patient. The treatment by the general practitioner is usually entirely symp- tomatic, consisting of bromides in increasing doses, with the addition of hypnotics, the various coal-tar products, and headache powders, with little or no effort to treat the underlying condi- tion ; the patient becomes worse or fails to improve, finally consulting a specialist or entering an institution. These patients usually come from the city, though, perhaps, if the statistics of the relation of the cases to the population from which they are drawn were obtainable it would be found that there was little or no difference ; many of the cases I have met with were in farmers and coun- try business men. In practically synthroid buy online all cases, how- ever, the disease affected those who worked with their brains, and it is very rare indeed to observe it in the laboring classes, suggesting that want of physical exercise is a factor in its etiology. The disease appears in adult life, rarely in youth, and probably never in children. In my experience there has been a greater proportion of cases among women than men, but this probably is incidental to the nature of the practice. There are certain principal symptoms, or, bet- ter, stigmata, of the disease, some psychical, some physical, a knowledge of which is necessary for a diagnosis. Headache, which exists in about 90 per cent. of all cases, has the peculiarity that it is at its worst in the morning, gradually decreasing as the day advances, and disappearing at night, only to recommence the following morning ; during the day there are usually slight ameliorations of the pain, especially at meal time, increasing again as digestion advances. The pain is a heavy, dull, numb feeling in the head, with perhaps occasional lancinating pains or paroxysms of intense agony. The decrease of the pain at meal time is of short duration, for when digestion is at its height the pain is increased, accompanied by flushings of the face, giving the appearance of plethora with a feeling of intense malaise and depression. Toward evening the headache declines ; usually there is a severe attack price of synthroid after the evening meal, after which it may disappear entirely during the night, so long as the patient keeps the recumbent position ; but, on buy synthroid generic synthroid standing synthroid mg up, it returns, and in the morning commences again. The headache is either bitemporal, surrounding the head like a vice, or more often it is in the occipital region, the whole of the back of the head to the nape of the neck having the sensation of a grinding or crackling, which may be so intense that the patient imagines he can feel the sensa- tion with his hand. At other times the whole head is affected ; the skull may feel too small for its contents; at others there is a sensation as order synthroid if the brain were boiling; the forehead is flushed, giving a sensation of heat to the hand, but the body temperature is normal, or nearly so. Though the headache ceases or lessens at night, the patient suft'ers from insomnia which may be of either of two kinds. In one he falls into pro- found, heavy sleep immediatelj' on lying down, only to awake in two or three hours to spend the rest of the night in tossing purchase synthroid online about till morning, a victim of a thousand miserable sensations, turn- ing from side to side from a feeling of discomfort, especially in the lower limbs, of shooting pains, prickling, stinging, and general teasing sensa- tions, followed by a feeling of numbness which is almost unbearable. He may doze for a short while at last, but he is compelled to rise, tired and unrefreshed, the headache returning as soon as he puts his feet to the floor. Should he doze for a few minutes the arm under the body becomes numb, paralyzed, dead ; in a minute or two the sensation disappears, but the condition is re- newed, and he synthroid levothyroxine takes all sorts of uncomfortable positions to avoid its repetition, effectually dis- pelling any tendency to sleep ; at other times the lower limb appears to have a sort of shock or sudden contraction, whith is very disquieting. In other cases complaint is made of a feeling of emptiness in the epigastrium, with gurglings in the intestines, more marked in the morning. Uri- nation is often frequent during the night, suggest- ing Bright's disease or diabetes, but there is no sugar in the urine, and only traces of nucleoalbu- min are present. Under the above conditions sleep is evidently impossible, though toward morning the patient may pass into a doze or sleep for a short time, but is soon compelled to rise as .tired and miserable as when he went to bed. The other form of insomnia differs from the above in that immediately after the evening synthroid mcg meal the patient has apparently an almost uncontrolla- ble desire to sleep, but once in bed he is wide awake, the entire night being spent in short snatches of semi-unconsciousness, in which he hears the clock strike every hour ; the least noise seems to his tired senses magnified one hundredfold; I Nov. lo, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 729 the pressure of the bedclothes irritates him, and he passes the whole night without any sleep which is of benefit to him. It is evident that the patient can have no desire for his daily avocations, the headache commencing as soon as he gets up, and the day of misery and ennui repeating itself. Another peculiarity is that as the patient is drop- ping off to sleep he awakes with a sudden start, and his rest is disturbed by "night terrors," delu- sions, feelings of dread cost of synthroid and disturbing dreams. Another symptom is a vertigo presenting spe- cial characteristics. It is not like the vertigo of Meniere's disease, in which there is a true loss of equilibrium and the patient falls — it is a sensa- tion of emptiness of the head, accompanied by a

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