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1. Briefly describe the animal cell and the reproductive cell. 2. Name contents of the mediastinum. 3. Describe the occipital bone, naming articulations. 4. Describe the pleural membranes, and name arteries and nerves. 5. Give origin and distribution of the 5th pair of cranial nerves. 6. Give origin and insertion of the flexor muscles of the thic;h. 7. Give origin and distribution of the sciatic nerve. 8. Describe the orifices of the diaphragm, naming struc- tures that pass through each. 9. Locate purchase singulair online the arch of the aorta, and name its branches. 10. Describe the prostate gland. PHYSIOLOGY. 1. Describe the red blood corpuscles as to (a) montelukast sodium tablets origin and fate; (b) form; (c) size; (d) number; (e) function. 2. What is understood by endocardiac pressure? State the causes of the pressure in the arteries, capillaries, and veins. 3. Give the accepted theory regarding the mechanism of the buy singulair secretion of urine. 4. Give the successive steps purchase singulair in the digestion of a meal of roast beef and potatoes. 5. Describe the temporary and permanent teeth, and the usual age for the eruption of each. 6. Describe the normal sounds of the heart, and state how they are produced, and where they can be most dis- tinctly heard. 7. Describe the bile and its uses. Give test for bile. 8. Name one property common to all blood leucocytes. Give some of their physiological uses. singulair cost 9. Write briefly on internal secretions. 10. Discriminate between the corpus luteum of preg- nancy and the corpus luteum of singulair mg menstruation. CHEMISTRY. 1. Define organic chemistry, atom, and element. 2. How modify cow's milk to approximate human milk ? 3. Write an equation showing production of H. and laughing gas. 4. Give chemical tests for strychnine and arsenic. 5. Define fermentation and putrefaction. 6. Describe accurately Heller's test for albumen. 7. What reaction, normal or abnormal, may be pro- duced by that test? 724 MEDICAL RECORD. [Nov. 3, 1906 8. levocetirizine montelukast What average amount of solids in urine, and how estimated ? 9. What are the common determinations in chemical examination of gastric juice? 10. What is the composition of proteids? SURGERY. 1. Name the buy cheap singulair most common curvatures of the spine; give etiologj-, symptoms, treatment of lordosis. 2. Give etiology, symptoms, and treatment of empyema; give diagnosis of empyema, hemothorax, and cheap singulair bronchiectasis. 3. What montelukast price is a ranula? Treatment. _ 4. Give differential diagnosis of the following condi- tions : Intussusception, floating kidney, stricture of pylorus, bubonocele, varicocele, and undescended testicle. Describe fully the technique of operation for varicocele. 6. How would you treat a lacerated and contused wound of the hand? 7. Etiology, symptoms, clinical history of carcinoma of breast. Describe in detail operation. 8. Give technique of amputation through middle third of the thigh. 9. What generic singulair is the significance of pain in the abdominal region ? ID. Describe in detail two of the most common varieties of clubfoot, and give surgical treatment of each. OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY. 1. Describe the human embryo at the second, fifth, seventh, and ninth months, montelukast tablets giving size and weight. 2. Describe the symptoms, and give the management of an incomplete abortion. 3. Describe a case of phlegmasia alba dolens, giving diagnosis, time of occurrence, cause, termination, and treatment. 4. Differentiate ovarian cyst, ascites, and pregnancy at beginning of fifth month. _ S- Describe a case of puerperal fever, giving cause, time of invasion, symptoms, and course. 6. Name and describe fully the contents of the uterus at full singulair tablets term, before labor begins, detailing montelukast tablet the presentation and position of the child most frequent, in an uncompli- cated, healthy case. 7. Enumerate the symptoms which indicate the death of the child in utcro, and state what course order singulair should be pur- sued in such a condition. 8. Describe in detail operation for repair of (a) lacer- ated cervix, (b) for complete laceration of perineum. 9. Give in detail the anatomy and physiology of the pel- vic floor. 10. Name the different varieties of metritis ; give causes, possible sequelae, and treatment. PATHOLOGY. 1. What is patholog}'? 2. Describe embolism and order singulair online thrombosis. 3. Define and describe phagocytosis. 4. What is a neoplasm? Give some examples. 5. Describe buy singulair online sarcoma, fibroma, lipoma, myxoma, os- teoma, and glioma. 6. Describe a primary and a secondary anemia, and give examples. 7. Describe pernicious anemia, singulair price chlorosis, leukemia. 8. Describe phlebitis, varieties, common causes, and course. 9. Describe and differentiate between gastritis, ulcera- tion of the stomach, and cancer of the stomach. 10. Differentiate between arthritis deformans and acute polyarthritis. PRACTICE. 1. Give symptoms of myxoedema. Give treatment. 2. Name the acute infectious exanthemata, giving period of incubation and specific bacterium of each. 3. Give diagnosis and treatment of acute eczema of the face in an infant. 4. Describe in detail the most common method used in the examination of stomachic conditions. Give diagnostic value of absence or presence of acids and juices, and sig- nificance of conditions found present. 5. Describe diagnostic significance of hematuria. Give etiological factors. How would singulair online you differentiate whether the kidneys or bladder were affected ? 6. Give differential diagnosis of interstitial and pa- renchymatous nephritis. Give pathology of both diseases. 7. Give diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of chronic pulmonary emphysema. 8. Give causes, diagnosis, and treatment of chorea. 9. Explain the diagnostic significance of the "knee jerk." 10. Give the abnormal heart sounds, and the point of greatest intensity of each. Contagious Diseases — Weekly Statement. — Report of cases and deaths from contagious diseases reported to the Sanitary Bureau, Health Department, New York City for the week ending October 27, 1906: Tuberculosis Pulmonahs. Diphtheria Measles Scarlet Fever Smallpox Varicella Typhoid Fever Whooping Cough Cerebrospinal Meningitis . Malarial Fever Totals Cases .336 51 90

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